Our Volunteers

Minster Gatehouse is run by volunteer members of the Sheppey Local History Society, of all ages and backgrounds with different roles within the Gatehouse. Their main aim is to make your visit as trouble free, enjoyable and informative as possible. Without them, the museum wouldn’t be able to run. We are passionate about the preservation of the history and the various artefacts in the Gatehouse, and are happy to help with any questions you may have.

Trustees of Sheppey Local History Society

Sheppey Local History Society is managed by a board of trustees:

President: Mr Jonathan Fryer

Chair: Mr Benjamin Pointing

Assistant to Chair: Mrs Lena Crowder

Treasurer and Membership Secretary: Mr Anthony Pointing

Secretary: Mrs Mary Thomsett

Curator of artefacts: Mr Roger Betts

Other trustees:

Mrs Jill Stimson

Mr Martin Hawkins

Mrs Rosemary Hawkins

Mrs Yvonne Squire

Mr David Brown

Mrs Joanne Bascombe

Together the board of trustees work together as a committee to ensure that effective and sound decisions are made relating to the running of the Sheppey Local History Society and the Minster Gatehouse Museum. If you would like to contact us, please email minstergatehouse@gmail.com