Sheppey Local History Society and the Minster Gatehouse Museum

The Sheppey Local History Society took over the management and day-to-day running of the Minster Gatehouse Museum in 1981.

It is run by a dedicated team of volunteers who offer their time and resources to maintain the building, the grounds and its displays, and who work hard to preserve the Isle of Sheppey’s local history and heritage for the enjoyment of all.

In addition to hosting regular festive community events the Society also offers individually tailored experiences for those who wish to organize a private gathering within unique historical surroundings.

Sheppey Local History Society Commitment

The past year has shown the number of visitors increase by 30%, and the Society now has charitable status to enable the widening of its activities, and to support its commitment to:

  • Advance Education
  • Advance Citizenship and Community Development
  • Advance the Arts, Culture, Heritage and Science.
  • Joining the Sheppey Local History Society

Membership is currently £8.00 per annum, and includes unlimited access to the Minster Gatehouse Museum as well as free entry to our events and talks throughout the year.


A peppercorn rent is paid to the local council for use of the building, and all other funding comes from a combination of donations, entrance fees, special events revenue, gift shop sales and grants.

Becoming Involved

If you would like to volunteer your time or resources please contact us using the contact details at the bottom of this page. Help of any kind is always welcome, and the more people involved the greater the scope of our activities can be.

Lena 01795 875111

Meeting Venue – Time

Unless indicated otherwise meetings take place on a Wednesday at 19.45 in the Bethel Hall, Chapel Street, Minster, Isle of Sheppey, Kent. It is a five minute walk from the Minster Gatehouse and Abbey. There is generally space to park close the hall. There are currently no planned meetings due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, please check back here for updates.

Any meetings will be subject to current and any future government Covid-19 restrictions.