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All questions are related to the Isle of Sheppey and/or the Gatehouse.

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1. Saint of the Christian Church associated with Minster Abbey and the Gatehouse
2. The Naval town of Sheppey
3. This gun battery was on the site now occupied by Tesco Sheerness
4. Sheppey town that once had a castle
5. This Scottish civil engineer designed Sheerness dockyard. second name
6. This ferry company operated from Sheerness from 1974 until 1994
7. This famous Admiral has connections with the Isle of Sheppey
8. The highest village on the Isle of Sheppey
9. The birthplace of powered flight in the UK
10. This bridge linking Sheppey to the mainland was opened in 1960
11. The museum has a large collection of these found in local clay
12. This politician learned to fly at Eastchurch aerodrome
13. This artist has a lot of his work on display in the museum. second name